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Courtney + Levi


Love can be found in the strangest or most normal of places. Sometimes it hits you across the face from out of nowhere. More often than not, love sneaks up on you, and you don't realize what is happening to your heart. Courtney and Levi's love story is no different.

Courtney and Levi met in a seemingly normal place: a church group. Sparks didn't fly the second they laid eyes on each other. The world didn't stop turning when they were placed in the same activity group together. What did happen was friendship. Friendship that slowly, and beautifully blossomed into more. This friendship eventually brought them from Rexburg, Idaho, all the way down to Gilbert, Arizona where they were married for time and all eternity in the Gilbert Arizona Temple.


The temple grounds of any temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are some of the most beautiful and calming places you can visit. You don't even need to step through the doors of the temple to feel its effects. The second I arrived to their wedding, I felt that calming peace. It didn't matter that it was a bajillion degrees outside. It didn't matter that the cloud cover, that I was so desperately hoping for, had gone away. It didn't matter that there were multiple weddings going on, so there were hoards of people there. What mattered was that this beautiful couple was making special promises to each other, and to God. It was an absolute privilege for me to be there documenting such an important day.

Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding
This is the exact same spot that he proposed!




Congratulations Courtney & Levi!

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