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How to keep your newborn session stress free.

Getting kids dressed and ready for pictures is not an easy feat! Can I get an AMEN?! But that is just where the picture adventure begins sometimes.

Now, take those picture ready kids, put them in a car (hello clothing wrinkles!) and drive to the studio or location for your session.

Get the kids out of the car, hoping against hope that nobody trips on the curb or bumps their head on the way through the door. And on, and on...

Can you see where I am going with this? We haven't even made it to picture time, and most parents are already stressed out and the kids are uncomfortable. What an ORDEAL! But an important one that many parents push through in order to get beautiful images of their family.

I have four kids of my own, so I know firsthand how difficult this process can be. Which is why, as a photographer, I try to make things easier for you! Whether you have one beautiful little newborn, or five little humans, I want your session to be easy! I want everyone to be comfortable and happy. So, where are you the most comfortable?

In your own home.

Yep! No need to go anywhere. You get to stay at home where you are most at ease (because, you know, you just birthed a human being), and your kids get to play with their own toys in their own space. It is every momma's dream!

This benefit couldn't have been any more appreciated than it was for this family. Four kids and a newborn is hard work (especially for mom and dad)! I know that they could have easily handled anything thrown their way (because they are seriously that awesome), but it sure was nice for them to have their own personal space!

We started their session with the kids and family first, because let's be real, many kids are DONE with pictures after about 20 minutes. They totally rocked their portion of the pictures! Yes, we were performing all sorts of crazy antics at and behind the camera in order to get them to look and smile, but we had ZERO meltdowns. Let me repeat that: five kids and zero meltdowns!! That is a total win in my book! I have never met a sweeter group if kiddos, and I'm pretty sure if my kids and their kids hung out they would be instant best friends. Just sayin'.

When it was their little sister's turn for her newborn photography debut, they were able to sit at the nearby kitchen table enjoying their lunch, then upstairs for naps (in their own beds) and playtime. All while the session was still going on! Talk about a lifesaver!

I absolutely love what I do as a photographer, but I'm a mom first. So mom-to-mom, let's keep things easy and do your newborn session where your kids are comfortable and you can stay in your yoga pants. Having a baby is hard work, but your newborn session doesn't need to be.

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