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How to plan your newborn session color palette.

Choosing colors is hard. Whether it's what color to paint a room, or what color shirt you want to wear. Ok, granted, some decisions are easier than others. After all, you can change your shirt if you end up not liking it, but changing a paint job is a bit harder. I digress...

I have found that many mommas struggle choosing a color palette for their sweet little miracle's newborn session. Should you do pink, because your baby is a girl? Or green because that's your favorite color? Will the color palette you choose work when you hang the pictures on your walls? What about in an album? Ah! There are so many things to consider.

Let me help you out momma. I have three questions you can ask yourself to help nail down your vision for your session.

1. Where will you be showcasing the beautiful images of your little miracle?

There is a reason this is the first question! Your pictures are not meant to only be seen on a screen. Showcase the baby that has blessed your life! Whether by adoption, surrogacy, or the good ol' fashioned way, your little newborn is a MIRACLE! Show them how special they are by hanging their beautiful images on your walls. As you choose a color palette, keep the location of their wall gallery in mind.

2. Are you more bold, or do you like to keep things classic?

Many mommas love bold pops of color, and that's great! But many other moms love the more subtle muted colors, and that's great too! Which one are you?

3. What guidance has your photographer given?

Ok, this one may seem like a cheat question, but it's so important! Every photographer has their own style, and you probably chose them because of that style. Let them help you! Your photographer should be collaborating with you on the big things like what color palette to use, down to the small things like outfits. Communication is key to a successful newborn session.

Are you still unsure of what colors you want to use? There's an easy solution, and it's called NEUTRALS. Neutrals are classic and timeless, and they look good on practically any wall.

Still unsure? Take a look at Isla's neutral newborn session. She is perfection!

So, what do you think? Are you on the neutral train? Or did I convince you that bold colors are more your style? I'd love to hear from you!

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