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Jack the expression-ist

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of saying words that aren't actually words. Do any of these sound familiar: "yellowey", "flustrated", "anywho"? Sometimes my lips work faster then my brain, and I can't think of a word in time, so I do one of two things.

I either:

a). Fumble around saying the words "um" or "uh" over and over again until the actual word comes out.


b). Make up something that conveys my point, but may not be an actual word.

I admit, this may make me sound less than educated, but I graduated from college, I promise!

With that in mind, let me introduce you to sweet baby Jack, the "expression-ist". Now, to clarify he's not an expressionist in the sense like Edvard Munch was. More like he was full of some of the most fun expressions! Hence "expression-ist". (See what I mean when I say I like to make up words that are probably way more complicated than an actual one...?) I guess I could have said "expressionier", or went with a real phrase like "most expressive", but anywho...

From the second I arrived at Jack's house for his newborn session, I knew that he was going to be a dream. He barely let out a peep during his entire session, and he had the sweetest little face! Newborns don't smile at every session, which is why I may have squealed a little bit when he flashed his adorable little smile for me. That is like striking the jackpot for a newborn photographer!

Towards the end of his session, this little guy just wanted to hang out! He was so done with sleeping, but was in heaven sitting near the heater on a nice comfortable bean bag. I mean, look at this expression! I love it! I've tried so many times to caption this image, but come up blank every time. How would you caption it?

Thanks for letting me come and hang out, sweet-little-full of expressions-Jack.

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