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When your name is Sunny...

Names are hard. It's bad enough that the English language makes spelling and pronunciation difficult at times (is read pronounced "reed" or "red", and why don't you say food and good the same?). Then, just to make things even more difficult, there are names like Hailey (or is it spelled Hailee, Haleigh, Haley, Haylee, Hayleigh, Hayley, or Haylie?)

There is one name that is unique, adorable, and easy to spell: Sunny. You could always go the route and spell it Sunnee, or Sunnie, (or Sunneigh?), but why complicate your child's future life by throwing in an unnecessary letter or two? Just spell it the same way that the majority of English spellers would:


It's perfect!

When your name is Sunny, you just HAVE to have a sunflower themed newborn session. It's a written law somewhere, I'm sure of it!

When your name is Sunny, you have an adorable older brother, who is not even two years older than you.

When your name is Sunny, you have some of the most smooth and flake free skin I have ever seen in a newborn. For real!

When your name is Sunny, you totally rock your at home newborn session, and make your momma so happy!

Ok, I admit, maybe not all Sunnys have all of these things. It's not a good idea to base your entire opinion about something on just one person. But, the Sunny I had the privilege of photographing in her Phoenix area home had all of them, and more!!

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