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3 Tips for Stress Free Kid's Sessions

"Taking my kids' picture is always so easy."

Said no mother ever!

If your kids are anything like mine, you know that the struggle is real! All you want them to do is sit still for 10 seconds, so you can snap that perfect picture on your phone. Sounds easy right? Oh, ho ho. The hair pulling and tear inducing fit that occurs is almost embarrassing. And that's just how mom feels!

I know the idea of dressing your kids up in adorable outfits, and taking family pictures isn't on the "Top 10 Most Relaxing Experiences" list, but I promise it will be worth it! I've got some tricks up my sleeve to keep the session fun for everyone (yes, even dad too!). But there are also things for you to remember to make it as easy on you - and your kids - as possible.

Keep reading for 3 tips to ensure a stress free kid's session!


Kids can be unpredictable at times, so I find it best to stay flexible and follow the kids’ needs. If they need to run around, I’ll let them run and be silly - before being still - to capture the shots we need. If they don’t want to stand, but will be held, we’ll do that instead. I tend to read each child for cues to capture the best photos we can! So, don't stress if they don't sit still at first. The magic happens in-between or after the movement.


This one’s a big one! I love interacting with your kids to get the genuine smiles you know and love. This may mean me making crazy noises, jumping around making silly movements, or even you helping by playing peek-a-boo behind me. Whatever gets those sweet giggles!

Bonus tip! Do your best not to raise your voice during the session. Your kiddos feed off your energy, both positive and negative. If your child isn’t behaving “perfectly” that’s ok! We can still get some incredible photographs, I promise!


When all else fails, bribes usually save the day (isn't that true for almost everyone...?). Be prepared by bringing some sweet favorites like candy or fruit snacks! But steer clear of chocolate, and anything else that may stain their mouth or clothes when the inevitable slobber begins. Mini marshmallows or Smarties work great! We can take quick bribe breaks if we need to throughout your session. But don't bring the treats out too early! If we use up all the bribes within the first 5 minutes, it may make things more complicated for the remaining 55 minutes of the session.

Keeping things flexible, fun, and full of sugar are the three secrets to a stress-free I mean kids photography session. Give these a try at your next session, and let me know how it goes! If you're in the Phoenix area, click the contact button and we can get your stress free session planned.

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