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Your home = my studio

As a new mom, the last thing that you want to do is get all dressed up and leave the house. I know for me, I practically live in sweat pants and baggy shirts for the first couple weeks of my baby's life. Does that make me lazy? Maybe. Am I the minority on this? Probably not. You just created a human being! I think that gives you an excuse to wear comfortable clothes for a while. (Hey, if you want to wear comfortable clothes until your baby is 54 months old, more power to you! No judgment here!)

This is one of the major reasons that I have chosen to not find a studio space. There are so many reasons that a studio would be more convenient for me as a photographer: all my props in one place, the ability to have consistent lighting, more room to work in, etc.. But in the end, who's convenience is more important? Mine, or my awesome clients? Yep, you win 9 times out of 10.

For each and every one of my newborn sessions, I don't have much idea of the conditions that I will be walking into. Of course I have talked to you (or dad) to find out what you are wanting. But when it comes to lighting, space, and/or pets, etc. I am totally in the dark. I love the challenge that this provides!

When I first enter your home, my brain starts going in hyper drive to find the best room with the best light. Sometimes the best lighting is in the bedroom, sometimes in the kitchen, but most of the time I find it in the dining room next to some big glass doors.

Not only do I find the challenges exciting, I also love being able to incorporate your home into your session.

Like this beautiful wall from Charletta's session:

Or the fabulous gray floor at Gavin's house.

Or the bed set up at Kennedy's house.

Or even this simple wall from Layla's session. 

See what I mean?! The possibilities are almost endless!

I am so grateful for such wonderful clients that welcome me into your homes!  And if you don't feel like your house is clean enough, or pretty enough, or styled well enough, don't fret (mine for sure isn't...)! I bring floor drops and other tools to make each and every picture absolutely priceless.

For example: I brought this floor with me to Elsa's session. You would never have guessed, right?

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